Load Failed: Cycle in joins detected


After upgrade of Celonis to 4.5, I am experiencing the new issue in one of my models. Please see an error in the attached screenshot.

I’ve been able to find just a short explanation of the error HERE

Is someone else facing this kind of issue? How did you solve it?

Tomas Kvapil

Hey Tomas,

Although this issue was faced before, there is no functionality to enable Cycle Joins in CPM 4.5 due to the inefficiencies and problems it can cause, which are listed in your cited document.

In order to still be able to load your data model I would need some more information on how the tables are connected currently. In general a few tips should enable you to solve your problem:

  • Check all your joins and find where the cycle is generated
  • If you need one or more tables twice and currently have two connections on the same table which lead to the cycle join, just create a second view of that specific table and join it for the other connection

Best regards,


Hi Bene,

Thanks for your reply. This issue has occurred after our Q(test) celonis environment was updated to the new version, so I wrongly supposed that it was caused with the update.

I’ve already solved the problem.