Link POs to Invoices via BSEG

Hi All
Am very new to celonis data connection and events including PQL

I have a data set for Requisition PR (EBAN), Procurement PO (EKKO and EKPO)
I also have the finance data invoices BSEG.BSCHL = ‘31’

Is there a column or a query l can use to directly link the invoices (BSEG) to POs(EKPO) without the table EKBE

Eventually, l have to compare PR, PO and Invoice value?


Hi Isaac,

thank you for your question!

You can connect the table EKPO to BSEG by joining the table

  1. RSEG with the keys MANDT, EBELN, EBELP to EKPO
  2. RSEG with keys MANDT, BELNR, GJAHR to RBKP
  3. RBKP with the keys MANDT, BELNR, GJAHR to BKPF
  4. BKPF with the keys MANDT, BELNR, BUKRS, GJAHR to BSEG

Usually this is also standard to configure in the P2P Data Model in a data connection perspective.

From an analysis perspective, why would you don’t like to use the table EKBE to compare them? I would propose to sum up the invoice value in EKBE and pull it to the PO.


Best Regards,

Data Science Team