KPIs from 2 tables where one table is NULL

Hi all,

I have the following problem

I have two tables

Table 1: EBAN -> Content 50 Purchase Order Requisitions (PRs) where 40 already have a created PO

Table 2: EKPO -> Content 40 Purchase Order (POs) with key connection to the PRs above.

Now I have created an OLAP with two KPIs

  • #PRs
  • #POs

When I just show the KPI #PRs the number is 50 (which is correct).
When I display both KPIs (#PRs and #POs) the number ist just 40 because the EKPO for that PR is NULL.

Is there any chance to show both KPIs in one OLAP but with the correct number

  • #PRs 50
  • #POs 40

I use the Celonis on Prem version.

Many thanks and br

Hi @diers,

could you please share the PQL Statement that you use to create the OLAP Table. That would make it easier for us to support you in that case.



Hi @j.stegmaier,

sure, here you are


For some BANFN there is no PO so the EKKO is NULL. When I display both KPIs the #PRs are not been counted when EKKO is NULL.

Thx and br