KPI returns different values in Number and OLAP components when filtered by same dimension value

Hi everyone,

I’ve created an Approval ratio of cases by using out-of-the-box KPI “Ratio of cases flowing through an activity” = KPI(“Ratio”, MATCH_ACTIVITIES(ENDING[‘Approved’] ) = 1).

It works as expected, out of 243343 cases 108698 of them are ending with “Approved” task which gives rounded up the value of 45% visualised as a Number single KPI component.

However, when the KPI is added to the OLAP table and sliced by example Sales Channel dimension the result in OLAP and Number visuals is different.

In the OLAP table Approval rate is 52% (wrong result) and in Number single KPI component is 31% (correct result). It turns out that in the OLAP table the KPI is switched to count activities instead of cases, hence the result is 52%.

Is there a catch how to get the same correct % in the OLAP table?

All data is contained within a single table.