Issue with inner join in PQL

We want to execute in PQL the following SQL code:

SELECT SUM (BD2.betkortbedr), BD2.Crediteur
INNER JOIN LFA1_BEW_CSV LFA ON BD2.Crediteur = LFA.Crediteur
WHERE LFA.Flinqer IS NULL AND (BD2.Korting1 > 0)
GROUP BY BD2.Crediteur

But the join is not fully discribed in the PQL documentation.
Does anyone have a sugestion how to solve this with PQL?

Hello Jacob,

how are the BSAK_DEF2 and LFA1_BEW_CSV tables connected in your data model?

Best regards,

Hi Jacob,

in PQL all tables are implicitly joined as Outer Left Join. You can find the related article in the documentation:

To achieve your request, you have to create the Inner Join by using the implicit Outer Left Join and applying a filter, to remove all entries without join partner. Here is an example that describes how to do this.

Does this help you?