[ISSUE] Data Extraction - Datatype of column <COLUMN> changed from <DATA TYPE 1> to <DATA TYPE2>


Good day.
We had setup a continuous data flow connection from PROD SAP ECC to Extractor Server to Celonis IBC. When running the extraction, we are encountering this kind of error.
“Metadata changed for table BKPF. Datatype of the column REINDAT changed from DATE to STRING.”

See screenshot below:

Weird thing is when we use the exact same data pool pointing to the TEST SAP ECC system, the extractions works.

Would anyone know what is causing the issue and how to solve it?



Hey RJ,

This could actually be due to a date being manually set into the SAP table and thus changing the meta data of the table. When pointing to the SAP Test system, this entry causing the change in meta data may not be there (yet) and thus didn’t change this column. Do you have a chance to let their SAP basis look into that table?

Best Regards,