[ISSUE] Dashboard Dev - Net Order Value Multiplied


Good day.
For OTC, we want have an OLAP with dimension: _CEL_O2C_ACTIVITIES.ACTIVITY_EN and KPI: Net Order Value (VBAP.NETWR_CONVERTED).

The issue is that it is not giving the right value, especially when there are SO items that went thru the same activity more than once.

For example, we have SO1 and Activity1, this SO has Net Order Value of 1 EUR and went thru the Activity1 3x, so the result of the KPI in the OLAP is 3x Net Order Value (3 EUR). We needed to output the correct Net Order Value (which is 1 EUR).

Hi rjayreglos,

Thanks for posting here. The issue you are describing is a common one, and the good part: it is easy to explain and fix.

The NETWR_CONVERTED is summed up for every entry on the left side (ACTIVITY_EN). Since these activities now can occur more than once, the net order value is also counted more than once. You can simply divide by the number of occurrences here to arrive at the desired value.

Otherwise, you could use a PU function to receive the corresponding values for e.g., every VBAP entry.

If this does not lead to the desired solution for you, please let us know again. Also, it would be helpful to know what exactly you want to display with this OLAP: sum of net order values for orders with specific activities, every occurred activity with its respective case’s net order value, etc.

Best regards,
Your Data Science Team

This is the solution: