[ISSUE] Connecting to SAP ECC


We are trying to connect IBC to SAP ECC hosted by the client. We successfully connected the extractor server. Upon keying in the SAP configurations then clicking on Save, we are prompted by the error message: Connection test failed, please check the Data Connection’s configuration and ensure that the system is running: Error invalidating caches: Initialization of repository destination [host]-[system number]-[client]-[user] failed: Password logon no longer possible - too many failed attempts on [host] sysnr 00.

What is the root cause and how can this be solved?

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This can have multiple root causes. First thing I would check if the correct IP & Ports have been whitelisted in the firewall, then check whether or not the uplink integration was success. Next up is if the correct user and password is established in the data connection and whether or not this user has the correct rights, also triple checking all the different inputs in the data connection makes sense. Then I would go and check the logs on the extractor server and see what I can find out there.

As always you can also contact your Partner Manager and request some Professional Services Workforce over them from our talented and quick Delivery Team.

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Thanks for the feedback.

The root cause of the issue was the RFC SAP user was locked. Unlocking the RFC user solved the issue.