ISNULL function is returning a NULL '-' value

Hello - I’m trying to check if there are null values in a field/table with the formula ISNULL(“T023T”.“WGBEZ60”)

and the results I’m getting are either 0 (which is ok, since that means the field is filled in) but the other result I get is not one but a dash ‘-’

Could you please help me understand how can this be the result of an ISNULL function? I’m needing this in order to create a CASE WHEN function for the NULL fields

Thanks for your help!


Your query looks fine. Can you please specify the product you are using (IBC, CPM4.5, …)?

I suspect that the string “NULL” is wrongly displayed as a “-”. To test, can you try to return a string other than “NULL”, for example “EMPTY”, in the CASE WHEN?

Thanks and best regards

Hi - Thanks for the quick answer.

I checked with other string as you can see and regarding the product. I’m checking it on Hybrid (?) and the results were the same.

Any other ideas?


hm not sure, you could try the following two things:

  • use CASE WHEN "table"."column" IS NULL THEN 'NO' ELSE 'YES' END
  • just for testing, remove the CASE WHEN and just check the output of ISNULL (just write ISNULL(...) in your query). Normally, the output should only consist of 0s and 1s. Do you see NULL (’-’) values here?


Hi David, I checked without the CASE WHEN - and that is the results you’re seeing in the first screenshot of the first post. So we get either 0 or “-”

Hello -
I also just tried your first suggestion and I still receive NULL “-” values, instead of YES and NO


I was not able to reproduce the issue unfortunately.
Can you please submit a ticket to our servicedesk ( )? Please include your hybrid version number, then we can check with your setup.

Does the issue also occur with other columns?


Hi Stephan,
According to my knowledge the formula should be like, isnull(value , required value). I can • after T023T INSTEAD OF (,) . can you please try this at once.


Hi Stephan,

Better use COALESCE function instead of ISNULL. It works same and better.


Hi - thanks for your suggestions, but the COALESCE is still having a NULL “-” as a result, even if i’m also adding a constant

Please check your input data, whether they are giving value “-” instead of null. if it is then null values will not take over