Identifying the step of the process in which the invoice goes "paid late"

Hi all,

I’m wondering what is OLAP table to be built to underline the step of the process in which the expire date of my invoice occurs.

I just simply want to understand if I can build something that tells me something like:

“the invoice becomes overdue (expire date has passed) when still being in its ‘invoice accepted’ step”


"half of my invoices are still in their “goods receipt verification” step when they become overdue

Can you help me?

Thank you very much

Hi there,

to see when an invoice because overdue you could try to compare the timestep of the activity with the due date. If it is bigger, it is overdue.
In an OLAP table you can then put the Activities as a Dimension and then create an custom KPI: CASE WHEN (ACTIVITY.EVENTTIME > OVER DUE DATE) THEN Activities count.
You then know at which activity , how many invoices got overdue.

Hope that was helpful and best regards,
Celonis Data Science Team