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Every time an analysis is transported from QA to PROD, old analysis is deleted and a new one is placed in the folder, as a result, the bookmarks are also deleted with transport. How we can get rid of this problem.

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I did not realize this (as we only now started to transport dashboards from our development to the production Celonis environment), but this would be a crucial bug for us as well. Would greatly appreciate a solution!

Hi @ rpaulslb,

I have asked my colleges in our Development department to take a look at your problem. Please excuse any further delay they will get to it as soon as they can. To speed up solving your problem could you please tell us with Celoins version you are using?

It would be great if you could post some screenshots of the phenomenon of disappearing bookmarks as well pictures of your transport set up. Feel free to add any others that you think might be relevant.

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Please find below requested input.

  • We are on Celonis 4.5
  • We have 2 system landscape for Celonis i.e. ( Development & Production)
  • We are using export/import approach to transport requested analysis i.e.
    • Export analysis from development
    • Import analysis to Production
    • Delete Old analysis
    • Configure imported analysis.

Hi @rpaulslb and @joosbuijs,

Thank you for your patience, I have an answer for you now.

If you create a transport from one analysis and use it to overwrite another analysis, then all shared bookmarks will also be transferred. It’s also important to note that if you overwrite the analysis again then all existing saved bookmarks remain available despite the overwrite.

I’m sure you know most of this process already, but in case this post is read by others with a similar problem, I will outline all the steps needed to transport an analysis you created QA to PROD:

  1. Make sure all bookmarks you want to transfer have shared activated

  1. Create a transport for this analysis

select the analysis you want to copy from the dropdown. Make sure not to activate “Include data model”. Also remember to write down your password.

finally download the transport

  1. Make a new analysis in PROD

  2. Import the transport you just created


Use the password you wrote down earlier to open the transport.


Choose PROD from among the Existing Projects

Select the analysis you created in step 3 and click Import into project

Then when you open this new analysis sheet you should see all the analysis sheets exactly the way they are in your original analysis. It’s worth noting that if you had any filters active in the original analysis when you made the transport they won’t be active in the new analysis after the overwrite however all the shared bookmarks will be available under “Open selection bookmarks”.

I hope this answers your question.

Best wishes,


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Hi Calandra,

Thank you for your detailed explanation and it seems perfect. We will implement the same and will let you know in case of any issue.

Rakesh Paul

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