How to update the activity table with a new version of a CSV file?

A lot of Snap users are asking how to update their data with a new version. Below you can see an example of how to do it. It’s not the best user experience but it works.

Step 1: Go to event collection and find the data pool that is related to your analysis and click on it. If you can’t find your data pool then just go to your workspace in Process Analytics and click the button highlighted in the screenshot below:

and then “Edit” (top right corner). This will redirect inside your data pool and event collection.

Step 2: Navigate to “File uploads” and upload the new file.

Step 3: Then go to “Process Data Models” and click the tile of your data model. Remove the existing file from your data model

Step 4: Click the button “Add Tables”

Step 5: Add the new file in my case “sample_event_log_(2)_csv” by choosing it and click finish (bottom right corner)

Step 6: Click “Set as Activity table” and follow the instructions

Step 7: Then click “Edit”

and set an “alias” which should be the same name as the old table. In my case is _CEL_CSV_ACTIVITIES

Step 8: Go to the “Data Loads” and click “Force Complete Reload”

After the reload is completed you can go back to your analysis and start analyzing the new data.