How to get started with SAP data when you only have the tables and don't want to change anything in the system?



I just started to use the academic cloud instance to get started with celonis. The first step was to connect a ticket system to celonis and it works like a charm. Really impressive.

As a next step I would like to analyse some SAP processes (to have something to show) and I am wondering what’s possible to archive when I am just able to extract existing data from the system (like EKKO, EKPO, … ). What could I use as activitylog?




Hi Sascha,

I am happy to hear you had a good experience connecting to Celonis.

Instead of trying to set up your own activity table from scratch, I would recommend you check out the Celonis App store. You find it by clicking on the Icon in the Top right-hand corner on the IBC start page.

In it you will find the out of the box process and analysis that Celonis offer.
The first step is to select a process, that uses the tables you have available, and to install it.

I would recommend you start with the Purchase-to-Pay process for SAP. As the tables you mention extracting (EKKO and EKPO) are the main ones you need for this process.
You can directly down load the process and connect it two your tables. It comes ready with all the scripts you need to generate an activity table containing all the usual Activities involved in P2P processes. If you want to make any custom modifications (such as additional activities specific to your organization) then feel free to contact us and we will help you add those.

The next step is to go to the App section of the App store and to install any analysis sheets for the P2P process that interest you.

Then you’re done, you are ready to start mining your first process!

I hope this answers your question,

Best wishes,

Calandra (Celonis Data Science Team)

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Hello Calandra,

thanks for your reply. I will give it a try if this is possible with the academic cloud. Could you give me a hint where to find the “IBC start page”? :slight_smile:




Hi Sascha,

I’m afraid there was a misunderstanding. As I am still fairly new at Celonis I was unaware that the Academic Cloud is separate from the IBC and does not have access to the App Store. I apologies for misinforming you about this.

In case it was not sufficiently clear from my last reply, you cannot take an existing table out of SAP to use as the activity table, it needs to be created using information out several SAP tables.

As the Academic Cloud is essentially a demo version of Celonis, meant for Students and Academics to explore the concept of process mining. Unlike a full IBC licence, you can’t use it to make an activity table, instead you would have to make your own activity table in an editor like eclipse using SQL and then import it into the academic cloud. Writing the script to make an activity table is rather complex, so if you were going to attempt it, I would definitely advise finishing the Celonis 4 Data Science Training first.

If you are planning on connecting and really mining your own processes, then you have the wrong license. In an effort to help you further we checked the email you submitted to the forum and we couldn’t find you or any one with that company email address registered to the Academic Cloud, so we are struggling to place you. Are you a working Student or writing your Thesis at this company? Anyhow, I would recommend you get in touch with the contact person at Celonis from whom you got the Academic Cloud license (or just email and discuss your options with them.




Hi Calandra,

thanks for the clarification. I will follow your suggestion and finish the Celonis training first to get an overview and get a better understanding about the neccessary information.

Regards, Sascha