How to get "actual time" as timestamp?


Hi together,

is there a possibility to get the actual system time?
Im able to get the actual hour from my timezone. [HOUR_NOW(CET)]
But I also need the actual minutes.

How can I get a complete timestamp for my timezone?

I would be happy about any reply!



Dear Andreas,

an entire output of the Timestamp is currently not possible, it does work for Hours, but not for Minutes/…

Our Development Team is already working on a solution.

Please note that the implementation is connected with great effort, delays in releasing can be expected.



Thank you for information. Looking forward to have this feature!


Hello Andreas,

as a solution you could use maybe R (for system time use the instance on the same machine as Celonis)

e.g. RCALL (TODAY() AS date_ , ‘print(Sys.time()); as.character(Sys.time())’)

Best regards,



Hi Kay,

thanks for the reply.

But its not working due to system config:

Maybe I just have to get along with the hours :wink: