How to filter analysis by location/plant/department

Hi, I would like to create an analysis for three of our depts. together.
The department is one of the characteristics of activities and the whole process is not only happens in those 3 depts of interest.
If I use “filter “ACTIVITY_TABLE”.“DEPT” IN (‘1’,‘2’,‘3’)” Celonis cuts all the activities that were performed in other departments. I am rather interested in all the cases that were ever touched by my 3 Departments no matter if some of the activities were performed somewhere else - the process should be shown completely.

Thank you!

Hi @DrWindy,
try using the “general selection (the dashed rectangle selection feature in the uppermost line)” for selecting all cases containing at least one activity relevant to your 3 departments:

  1. click add new selection
  2. choose “attribute selection”
  3. choose your activity table in the leftmost table-list (it should be “ACTIVITY_TABLE” as you wrote) -> its fields drop down
  4. select the “DEPT” field (column)
  5. in the mid area tick the “DEPT” values you are interested in (1,2,3)
  6. confirm your selection -> it is added as a general filter for all your analysis tabs

Does it work? Best regards

Hello and thank you for your reply:)

I am not inerested in General Secelction - the users have to always be careful that the filter is set AND I have to make sure that they will get ONLY the relevant info due to the data security. So I am interested in a global filter for my whole analysis.

Best regards,

Hi @DrWindy,
the feature you are looking for is called authorization objects in Celonis4, data permissions in the IBC. In Celonis4 the setup works as follows:

  1. Create an object in the authorization menu

  2. Link the object to the corresponding field in the data model

  3. Assign the allowed values in the userprofiles


Please note that I described the manual approach, you can also load the mapping from a database table.
Best regards,

Thank you Pol :slight_smile:
I am not an administrator and would be happy if there is a solution for the global filter otherwise our authorisation-system will become extremelly complicated. Moreover, I do not want only specific users to see the cases touched by the 3 depts, but als any other user looking exactly in this analysis to see the only cases relevant for these 3 depts.


Ok I see… In that case you could try:


Best Pol