How to exclude activities from throughput time calculation?

Hi all,
I’ve already checked the topics related to “excluding activities”. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find any solution suitable for my case.
I want to calculate the processing time for specific activities - see example:
Case count: 50
Activities: total average throughput time 13 days
Create claim: 1 day
Send claim to A: 2 days
correction: 3 days
send claim to S: 1 day
assessment: 1 day
review: 2 days
credit claim: 1 day
reject claim: 2 days
In this case I need to know the processing time for all 50 cases from process start to assessment, if the calculation for “correction” is excluded - expected result: 10 days.
The activity “correction” could occur multiple times and it’s also not possible to specify the sequence of its occurrence. (for example It could occurs before ‘send claim to A’ or after ‘send claim to S’)

I created the Dimension: (in Distribution Chart)
CASE WHEN PU_COUNT(“Claims”,“Claims”.“ID”,“Table2”.“Status” = ‘MD’) > 0
THEN DAYS_BETWEEN(“Claims”.“Entry_date”, PU_FIRST(“Claims”, “Claimactivities”.“Eventtime”,
“Claimactivities”.“Description” IN (<%= activity_final_decision %>)))
please consider: <%= activity_final_decision %> – includes “assessment A” and “assessment S”

Then I used a component filter:
with variable: – <%= manual_decision_not %> includes “correction A” and “correction S”
FILTER ISNULL(REMAP_VALUES(“Claimactivities”.“Description”, [<%= manual_decision_not %>, NULL])) = 0

without variable:
FILTER ISNULL(REMAP_VALUES(“Claimactivities”.“Description”, [‘correction A’, NULL])) = 0

As result I’m still getting the total throughput time - in this case 13 days.
I also tried to calculate the time from Process Start to assessment and then to subtract the time in correction, but it didn’t work.
KPI: Days in correction:
“ClaimActivities”.“Description” = <%= manual_decision_not %>)
“ClaimActivities”.“Description” != <%= manual_decision_not %> AND
PROCESS_ORDER(“ClaimActivities”.“Eventtime”) =
PU_FIRST(“Claims”, PROCESS_ORDER(“ClaimActivities”.“Eventtime”),
“ClaimActivities”.“Description” = <%= manual_decision_not %>)+1)

Do you have any idea how to solve this issue?

Thanks and best regards

Hi Monika,

I would suggest to use your second idea, so calculating the time from process start to assessment and then subtracting the time in correction.
To do so, please try the following code as KPI:

CALC_THROUGHPUT(CASE_START TO LAST_OCCURRENCE[<%=activity_final_decision%>], REMAP_TIMESTAMPS("ClaimActivities"."Eventtime", DAYS))
WHEN SOURCE("ClaimActivities"."Description") = <%=manual_decision_not%>
DAYS_BETWEEN(SOURCE("ClaimActivities"."Eventtime"), TARGET("ClaimActivities"."Eventtime"))

In this KPI, the first part CALC_THROUGHPUT(…) calculates the time to assessment.
The subtracted part (CASE WHEN … END) calculates in case of a correction the time in correction, so the time between the correction activity and its consecutive activity.

Best regards,
Data Science Service Desk