How to easily remove an activity?

Hi all,

I have a process with parallele sub processes. As Celonis doesn’t display theses sub processes my idea is to remove the activites related to these sub process in the analysis.

So how is it possible to easily remove activity in the analysis (keep all the cases with or without this activity but just remove the activity)?

I could do that by removing the activity in my csv and reload it but I wanted to know if there is an easy way to to that in Snap (by exemple in using the Activity filter, but this filter will filter the cases and not remove the activity).

Thanks all for your help


Dear Nico,

thanks for reaching out to the Celonis Community Forum.

There are multiple options:

  1. As you described, you could delete it in your csv. In that case, it doesn’t show up anymore.
  2. E.g. in the Process Explorer sheet, you can hit the eye icon and deselect activities you don’t want to see anymore. Be aware that these activities get considered when for example calculating the Automation Rate.
  3. You can group some activities to form an activity group:

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