How to define custom KPIs in nodes?

Dear Celonis community,

Is it possible to define custom KPIs in the process graph’s nodes? E.g. I imported an event log containing a column with numeric values (price) but I can’t find an option to display them instead of the case frequencies.

Thank you for your support.

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Hi Daniel,

I think what you are looking for is the custom KPI.

Unfortunately I do not see the “Add Custom KPI View” link.

I see. The reason here is because you are not in edit mode. Please switch to edit mode in order to do that. On the top right side there is a toggle “Edit”

Also when you switch to the edit mode, there is the possibility to create custom KPIs under the burger menu right next to the celonis sign.
However, I currently struggle with creating a KPI, which should display the percentages of connections going to the next activity. Right now I can only get the total percentage of the entire cases with

Unfortunately I want to have something as follows:

Can you help me out here @e.ndrio how I have to change the formula?

Thank you really much

is it possible for you to go to analysis settings and go to the option “Process Explorer KPIs”

Thanks for the quick response.
Do you have the formula for that, though?
I do not know how I can put that into code such that every connection has
the % value instead of the absolutes, as it is done in the picture above.
Would appreciate any help!

This is a new question. I will have to check that.