How to create OLAP table same as "cases to go" in a process explorer

Dear community,

I would like to create an OLAP table same as “cases to go” in a process explorer.
My data model is single eventlog which is consisted of “process group”, “activity”, and “time stamp”.
If I could, I’d like to show in the ratio as pie chart.

Thank you for your support.

Dear Sugano,

Thank you for reaching out.

You can use the PQL function ACTIVITY_LEAD to find out where each process will go in the next x process steps. You can use ACTIVITY_LAG for the previous process steps respectively. The function ACTIVITY_LEAD("ACTIVITY_TABLE"."ACTIVITY_EN", 2) for example gives you the activity which occurs in two steps. If there aren’t previous activities, it returns null. You just have to enter the activity column and the numbers of activities you want to “lead” (the default would be one).

You find a detailed description of these functions and examples in the PQL Function Library of the Celonis Cloud Help Space.

I hope this helps you in creating your analysis.