How to create bubble charts


Does anyone have experience with bubble charts? I am struggling to configure one (scatter plot is fine) and could not find any proper tutorial or other how-to documentation…




Well in 4.4 they works pretty straightforward. You use dimension for X axis, First KPI for Y axis and Second KPI for bubble size. Any extra KPIs will be ignored, if I remember right.


Hi @csteffens,

Bubble Plots can be found in the Component Library.

A short tutorial can be found on the Help Page --> Analysis Components --> Charts & Tables

In addition if you add more than one KPI, the second KPI defines the size of the bubble. (edit: second KPI is only shown in the tooltip, thanks Hans)
Here is an example including the configuration


Dear colleague,

Just as a remark,I filed almost 6 months ago an Incident about the bubbble chart.
The reason for this is seen in the graph above: the values seen are not of the second kpi (= size of bubble) but the first kpi.
This makes of course no sense since the value of the first kpi is easily seen; but not the value of the size of the bubble.
I understood that this will be repaired in the “next release”; let’s see what that means :slight_smile:

Have fun.

Hans van der Zandt


Hi @Hans.van.der.Zandt,

this will be repaired in the next release that the second KPI defines the real bubble size. In current releases the size of the bubble is only determined by the first KPI and the value of the second in the tooltip.



Great news, thanks!

As Input: it would be great if you would publish this kind of improvements centraly in this community.
e.g. Excel list with links to the original issue and status and likely release date (see also my request concering more transparancy)…



Hello Hans,
indeed, that is the plan!
We just started out with our “feature of the week” posts in the product forums. This will give you some glimpses into what we are currently working on or improving.
You can find the first thread here:

Please keep in mind the disclaimer about the release date statements, since we might change our development priorities.

Also, we will soon start posting the release notes of the IBC and Celonis 4 releases in a dedicated release notes thread. Improvements like the bubble chart improvement will then, of course, be part of those official release notes.