How to copy tabs from one analysis to another

How can I copy the full tab from one analysis and paste into another. Idea is to have power user create there analysis in seperate folders / analysis. Once it reaches a validated stage then to copy the whole tab and paste in Productive / published analysis. Doing component by component is erronus and time consuming.


Naveen Gupta

Hey Naveen,

You can always select more than one component by pressing CTRL + Left Mouseclick. Than you could copy and paste them all at once. Another best practice would be having a productive Analysis and a Q-Analysis. Development happens in the Q-Analysis which is than fully copied to the productive environment (Right click on analysis + Move To) when it reached a new Stable Version to be published., while overriding the old Productive version of this analysis.

Best regards,

Benedict Lang

Hi @Bene , I tried to select multiple components but was not able to do so.

Also right click on analysis but didn’t found Move To Option. We are on Celonis 4, does that have some limitation on the functionality?


Naveen Gupta

Hi Naveen,

Unfortunately these features as described are only available on our newest product, the IBC.

Depending on your version of Celonis 4 you have the possibility to Right Click on an empty space of an analysis and Select + Copy all of the visible components. You can then proceed and insert them into a another Tab.

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Thanks @Bene . This solved the problem for me. Thanks !