How to Backup Every Celonis Analyses and Data models


Hi community,

This is my first topic here.

Is there anyway to backup everything inside Celonis web application, analyses and data models in every projects.

I tried to create transport for each project but when I selected too many analyses, transport creation failed.



Dear Winut,

Welcome to the Celonis Forum.

Transports can be created, if you want to save one specific Analysis/Data model.

The feature you are looking for, is the automatic Backup creation of Celonis.

The Application creates Backups automatically everyday at 03:00 AM (and on every service restart) your entire Data.

The backup files can be found in your installation path appfiles/backup folder.

Attached, you can find our Operation Guide, all needed information regarding Backups, and how to (re)use them, can be found on Page 29.


SAP-Process-Mining-by-Celonis-4.3_Operation-Guide-1.6.pdf (1.2 MB)



Thanks for you reply.

The auto-backup you are mentioning, does it backup everything from Analyses to Data models?



Hello Winut,

exactly, the Backup is a Copy of your complete Installation.