How to add a Trendline

Hello Celonis community,

I would like to create a bar chart with a trendline.

Is there something similar to the excel trendline option?

Thanks in advance for your support.
Kind regards,

Hi Francesca,

You could do the following to get a trendline in Celonis (In this example the Column Chart shows the Case Count per month):

  1. Set up a new Column Chart and add a Dimension (e.g. ROUND_MONTH(“EKKO”.“AEDAT”))
  2. Then you can set up the KPI you want to have in the chart (e.g. Case-Count: COUNT_TABLE(“EKPO”))
  3. Then set up another KPI with the following formular (call it Trendline): MOVING_AVG( Here stands your KPI from above, in this example: COUNT_TABLE(“EKPO”) ,-1,1)
  4. Go to the Component settings and choose “Data Series: Trendline (or how you named the second KPI)
  5. Scroll down and change the axis to secondary axis and choose line chart as chart type

With the moving sum formula you get a trendline based on the current value and the value before.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,


thanks Bene.
The formula works… now I need to understand what time-windows is most suitable for my case.