How is snap different from enterprise version of IBC?

Celonis Snap provides you with great tools to analyze your processes’ data. Want to take it to the next level? Then you should check Celonis Enterprise, which provides many more features for more advanced use cases.

Celonis Enterprise features that are not available in Celonis Snap include:

  • Data Uploads over 500MB: Schedule unlimited data loads as frequently as by-the-minute, or as a one-time event.
  • Process Automation - Automatically update the data in your underlying systems to enforce optimal processes across your technology estate.
  • Transformation Center: Track the impact of process enhancements over time. Use collaborative tools to bring your whole organization together and focus on making continuous and lasting improvements.
  • Machine Learning Workbench: A python development platform to help data science teams create business impact by leveraging process data and the python ecosystem.