Histogram grouped not on case

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We would like to show a histogram, where the dimension is not calculated per case but per customer.
Concretely, we would like to know how many customers have 1 case running, how many 2-4, 4-6, etc.

The regular histogram would be great because of it’s auto-binning feature. However, it automatically assumes that the dimension is calculated per case.

Any ideas how we can use the histogram component, or mimic this behavior in a bar chart?


You can do this use a histogram if you use a little-known feature of PULL functions: instead of using normal tables you can make domain table out of individual columns. I had attached documentation that explains how to use this feature.

For your concrete question, you can use a histogram with the dimension:


The PULL function counts the case keys for associated with each customer, and the histogram then groups them into boxes.

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PQL documentation to DOMAIN TABLE.pdf (11.1 KB)

Hi @c.eckert, thanks for your reply!

Currently this does not work, as our parent-child table relationship is reversed, due to some attributes missing in the case table.
We’re remodeling the data structure anyway and this will solve the issue.