Getting Started with Celonis Webinar | 20.04.2020 | 15:30 CEST

Join us for the next Getting Started with Celonis Webinar.

The Getting Started with Celonis Webinar is designed to offer you an optimal start to your process mining journey with Celonis and is the first webinar to kick off our three-part Success Webinar series. During this webinar, we will cover the following topics:

What is Process Mining

We will explain the fundamentals of process mining technology and how it can support you in improving your business processes.

Process Mining by Celonis

The webinar will introduce you to Celonis Intelligent Process Mining and demonstrate its core features and basic functionalities to you

Resources and Support

You will learn about the various Celonis resources and support points, such as the Celonis community, academy, and our customer success team.

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