Get the number of waiting processes inside a specific activity

Hi all, I want to get the sum of all processes waiting inside a specific activity over the time. I tried to solve this with Process Analytics as well as with Transformation Center but was not able to measure this. How can I do that? Kr, Mara

Hi Mara,

if you mean cases when you are talking about processes, you could create a bar chart where you select the Eventtime as dimension rounded for the day,week or month - depends on how you want to show it, e.g. ROUND_MONTH("_CEL_XX_ACTIVITIES".“EVENTTIME”) - and a KPI which counts all cases for a specific activity. For this KPI you need to use the following PULL function: PU_COUNT(CASE_TABLE, “_CEL_XX_ACTIVITIES”.“ACTIVITY_EN”, “_CEL_XX_ACTIVITIES”.“ACTIVITY_EN” = 'n ame of your activity '). You just need to insert the name of your activity. Alternatively, you can also just take the case count (COUNT_TABLE(CASE_TABLE)) and select the activity in the component filter (FILTER PROCESS EQUALS ’ name of your activity ';

Please change the example accordingly to your Analysis, as the examples are for P2P.

Hope this helps,

Hello Viana,
thanks for Response. I have not tested that but for me it Looks like it just Counts the activities done at this day. Is that correct?
I would Need something like:
Activity A done on 01/01/20 -> now Activity B starts
Activity B done on 01/15/20

This would give me the Count for Activity B
12/31/19 -> 0
01/01/20 -> 1
01/02/20 -> 1

01/14/20 -> 1
01/15/20 -> 0

I want to use it for tracking the workload in Activity B which is a Manual activity

Hi Mara,

the code above will show you each day/month (depends how you set it up) how many cases are still busy with this activity, which from my point of view would give you kind of the workload for this activity. Could you please try and verify if that works?

Thank you and best regards,