Get new Process Insight: change activty with another attribute from data model dynamically in Process explorer


The process flow gives you many insights how the process flows though your company.
We had already quite a few occasions where it would have been really nice not to look at the activity itself, but to an attribute of it; for example “location / Company code” or “Department” in case you want to understand better the material flows or how departmens work togehter.
It would give us completely new insights combined with our existing analysis and graphs.
For the materialflows a worldmap then would be extremely visual and helpfull

I know that of course an can create a new event table which mirrors this but that is really tedious.
It would be really great if this can be done dynamically by all users within the application (Process Explorer / Variant Explorer) without having to change the datamodel.

Maybe you have some other ideas about the topic?

Have :grinning: !



Hi Hans,

In Celonis 4.4 in case if your are adding process explorer as component, no as separate tab, you can specify in formula field different event log attribute. Combined sometimes with activities filter (“eye” icon) it let you show movements of goods between warehouses (if you choose warehouse name as activity node) or PO between departments (if you have department name in your event log).

Not a universal solution but can help in some cases.



Thanks for the info; sound sound a good first step; When I undertand you right you then can have two Process explorer side by side with two different artribute like “Activity” and “Town”.
When you have others as well ( produkt group or department) you would need to setup single process explorer as well.
It would be great if this could be done more dynamically and not only with data from the event table but other 1:1 related tables. I haves seen example from other Process Mining software suppliers doing that…

Have :grinning: !


Hi Hans,

This is exactly what you can do.
It is a free formula input field where you can utilize the full capabilities of PQL and also the variables for example. So you can easily switch between different attributes for the Process Explorer. With that flexibility you can actually query and adjust the raw data dynamically. So you’re not limitted to the plain data in the event table but for example can cluster, group, extend or modify the information the same way you can do it in an OLAP table for example. Just that we use your resulting column to visualize the process.

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