Get better insight into your order Structure to start your digital road path


Dear community,

When your company want to go for a digital roadmap process mining surely gives you some nice “anker points” to start that journey
For me there are two basic ankerpoint which can be answered with process mining:

  1. Is the process stabile (and this masterdatea etc.)? Meaning you have a few variants covering most of your business.
  2. Do we have many simple customer? Meaning you pick up “easy” orders with high frequency and have low position items within the order. These one are probably good candidates for a webshop or maybe a RPA initiative for example.

Below you find a Distribution graph we made counting the amount of items per sales order.
We also did this with we value distirbution.

In a second step we setup a table with fixed interval with 2 drop down columns to be able to slice through the data the find for example and look for pattern:

  • Which ordertype has only one position;
  • Is it releated to the product hierachie?
  • Do we see difference between the companies?
  • etc. etc.

It will give you a wealth of data to make the right fact based descision.

Maybe other have such goodies as well…

Have :grinning:!



Dear Hans,

Thank you for sharing this! I definitely agree with your point that process mining should be used for fact-based decision making before starting any process improvement measures. This will make any improvement initiative more efficient and improve its time-to-value.

To get some clarity on where to start, you could rank your findings in an impact-effort matrix similar to this:

Kind regards,