Force order of dimension in charts

Hi everyone,

I’m curious if there is any other possibility to force the order of the dimension in a chart instead of putting a) / b) / … in front?

And if not, is there a possibility to make a)/b)… transparent or change text colour? I tried some HTML statements but without success.

Looking forward to your feedback.

p.s. I only found this thread, where the solution with a)/b)… is suggested:

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Hi David,

Thank you for your question. In Process Analytics right now you can only sort by the dimension without changing the order manually. In our new Board environment you will be able to create such a custom manual order. In the meantime I only have a rather ‘quick and dirty’ approach that worked for me, which is adding spaces in the dimension name. You won’t see the spaces in the axis labels but you can thereby manually change the order by adding a different amount of spaces in the dimension string.

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