Filters for PU functions on date

Hey Guys,
I had a quick question about filters on Pull up functions. I am trying to create a dashboard that displays Sum of spend by vendors. But i do this by Pull up function (because I use it as a dimension to categorize). I know we can put filters on the pull up function
PU(child table, parent table.column [,filter expression]).
My question is can we put more than one filter in the expression? I want to be able to filter for the month and year. I was able to filter for month but couldn’t filter for year. Is there any way to put filter for year and month in date format ? Because I want the user to be able to input year and month to display information

Hi Faisal,

you can specify two or more different filter expressions by using ‘AND’ between them.

PU(child table, parent table.column [,filter expression AND filter expression]).

Best Regards,

Data Science Team