Filtered KPI definition

We’re trying to create a chart with a line per year (e.g. KPI x in 2019, 2018, etc.).

In Celonis this means adding one KPI per year. (if not, please advise how!)

How can we easily filter the data within a KPI definition, for instance like such (which didn’t work obviously):

FILTER YEAR(table.column) = 2019;

Our current approach is to extend KPI_X with a parameter (Year), which is used as a filter in a CASE WHEN statement within the KPI_X definition. However, it feels like a complex solution to a simple problem. Hence this ‘sanity check’ question, whether we’re overlooking an easy route.

BTW: we’re on premise, version 4.5

Hi Joos,

great to hear from you.

Short answer:
You are not overlooking the easy route and have the right approach.

Long answer:
Filters can be defined as analysis filters, sheet filters or component filters. When a query is send to Celonis, all active filters are applied to the requested table(s). Therefore, a filter can only be applied to the whole component but not to single KPIs. This restriction can be worked around using the CASE WHEN statements that you have already mentioned.

If you have found another and better work-around or have any other questions, please do let me know.

Best regards,