Filter whole Acitivities out of Process Overview App

Hello together,

I want to use the standard Process Overview App to analyse troughput times and bottle necks.
My process is the accounts payable process (paying bills).

I could categorize my activities in:

  • Data Log activites (performed activities by user or batch_user), f.e.: scan document, post document, forward document
  • Calculated activites, f.e.:reached discount period, reached payment period (based on the document date)

These calculated activities are really important for the process analysis.
However, they can be disturbing when analyzing the throughput time, because these activities don’t affect the troughput time (they are just calculated).

Do you know a sheet filter i could apply on the Process Overview App so that these activities are no longer taken into account?
However, the cases themselves should still be included.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Andreas,

Welcome to the Celonis Community :slight_smile:

I afraid it is not possible to use a sheet filter for this as sheet filter always exclude cases.

I’m not sure in which situations these activities being included bother you. But here are a few Ideas I could think of.

If you don’t want the want the variant / Process explorer to show these activities, you can use the eye icon to hide them from view.


If you want to exclude them from activity counts, there are two ways to do this.

  1. If you have a farely small number of activities you want to exclude the easiest way to is to use REMAP_VALUES.

COUNT( REMAP_VALUES(“activity table”.“activity column”, [‘activity to exclude 1’,NULL], [ ‘activity to exclude 2’,NULL], [ ‘activity to exclude 3’,NULL], …))

  1. If you have more activities you want to exclude and some of them follow a certain rule (e.g. no activities performed by batch users) you could use a CASE WHEN statement to to this.

COUNT( CASE WHEN “activity table”.“user type” != ‘batch user type’ AND “activity table”.“activity column” NOT IN (‘activity to exclude1’,‘activity to exclude2’, ‘activity to exclude3’,…)

THEN “activity table”.“activity column”



I know this code is a little complicated, so I’ll explain it quickly. COUNT counts the number of non-NULL values so when the condition that the activity has neither a batch user nor is it in the list of band activities, it gets some non-NULL value. I’m using the activity name for this, but it doesn’t really matter what is used so long as its guaranteed not to have any unexpected missing values. The important part of the code is that, if the condition is fulfilled (i.e. the activity is one you want to exclude) it is a signed the value written after ELSE, which is in this case NULL so it’s not counted.

I hope this answers your questions. If these suggestions don’t cover what you want to achieve then please write back with more details. Its frequently helpful if to use screenshots when explaining your aim.

Best wishes,