Filter the Eventtime from the activity I am looking for

Hey @all, :slightly_smiling_face:

I need a filter that looks at the event time of the activity I am looking for.
With this filter I can determine my KPI worklist.

At the moment i have a filter, but the wrong filter.

For Example.

In this picture we can see my Celonis activity table. (ID – activity – timestemp)

In my other table AUFK I have the column ERDAT in which i can see the start date of my order -->(28.Feb.2019 07:51:48)

My actually FILTER YEAR(“AUFK”.“ERDAT”) = Year(Today()) keeps the Start date of my ID 6254008060 with the activity ‘Eröffnet’.

But I need the timestemp ‘Technisch abgeschlossen’ for my filter.

–> FILTER YEAR("timestemp from ‘technisch abgeschlossen’) = Year(Today())

On this example the Year is the same, but I have enough ID’s where the start Date ist in 2018 and the activitity ‘technisch abgeschlossen’ is in 2019.

That means I could get rid of AUFK.ERDAT and use directly the timestamp of my activity table.

But I dont know the Function. Pls can u help me.

Hi @StevenB,

welcome back to our community!

Probably this filter will help you out:

FILTER YEAR ( PU_FIRST ( “Case Table”, “Activity Table”.“EVENTTIME”, “Activity Table”.“Activity Column” = ‘Technisch abgeschlossen’ ) ) = YEAR(TODAY())

If you need further support feel free to reach out to us again!



Great. thx a lot.

Greedings from Germany