FILTER out Cases with condition

Hi everyone,

i hope you can help me with a FILTER function.

I need a FILTER function with PU_LAST that deletes my cases (in this case it is 98068) when the last activity of “Vorgangsart_geänd.” in column “Wert Neu” is like /RWEE/DGF.

Can you help?

Hi Steven,

the following PU_LAST will return the “Wert Neu” value of the last ‘Vorgangsart_geänd’ activity for each case. In the FILTER statement, you can then compare against this value to filter cases:

FILTER PU_LAST("CaseTable", "ActivityTable"."Wert Neu", 
"ActivityTable"."Activity" = 'Vorgangsart_geänd') != '/RWEE/DGF';


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super. it works. thx

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Thanks again. But I have noticed that the formula does not work 100% yet.

Cases without the activity “Vorgangsart_geänd.” are not even considered with this formula. These are sorted out.
In principle, I would like to see these cases and check your formula about them.

The problem is


There are also cases without “Vorgangsart_geänd.”.
These should also be counted.

Hope you can help.



in order to also filter on the Cases without this particular activity, you can add this condition with an OR. Checking if an activity is contained in a Case can be done in many different ways, but the easiest one is probably using PROCESS NOT EQUALS:

FILTER PROCESS NOT EQUALS 'Vorgangsart_geänd' OR PU_LAST("CaseTable", "ActivityTable"."Wert Neu", 
"ActivityTable"."Activity" = 'Vorgangsart_geänd') != '/RWEE/DGF';


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