Filter out cases that start before a certain year

Hey all,

Is there a way to filter out all cases that start before a certain year?
I tried the following:
FILTER YEAR(“P2P_-_Q2_2018_csv”.“TIMESTAMP”) => 2016
But this still gives me cases that start in 2015 in an OLAP table, because there are also activities performed in 2016.


In this case, you would need to use a time column that is in your case table, for example the creation date of the case. In this way, you would only get the cases that are created after this year.

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Hi Jasper,

Do you have a case table in your data model? If so, you can try to use the pull up functionality to look for the first event in each case, and state that this first event should be in 2016 or later. Your code would then be:
FILTER YEAR(PU_FIRST(<Case_Table_Name>, P2P_-_Q2_2018_csv.TIMESTAMP)) => 2016

Note that you don’t have to specify a column in the case table, only the case table name itself. For more information, check the PU_FIRST documentation: