Filter for Cases which flow through a certain activity

Hi Celonis Community,

I am currently analysing a P2P process where some orders have just been created, but not been ordered. These orders still have monetary values assigned to them in the Casetable.

If I now add up the values to get how much money was spent e.g. on a certain article, these values distort my results, as they are also accounted for, but have not been ordered.

Is there a way to restrict e.g. a certain table or sheet or the whole analysis to only values which run through the process step “invoice received” to only add up cases which have actually been ordered? E.g. with the Component-, Sheet- or Analysis-Filters?

Thanks a lot.
Best regards

Hi Jonas,

you could apply the following filter as a analysis, sheet or component filter. It filters for cases which flow through the individual activity, e. g. ‘Invoice received’.

PU_COUNT ( “Case Table”, “Activity Table”.“Activity table Column”, “Activity Table”.“Activity Table Column with Activity Name” = ‘Your Activity’ ) > 0



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