Filter cases that meet the conformance model


I tried to look for any information on this in the Manual, to no avail, so I thought I’d ask here:

My client asked if it’s possible to filter the cases that meet the conformance model in the Conformance tab. We can see that it’s indeed possible to filter out the cases that violate the model - but we don’t see an option to filter the ‘correct’ ones. Is there any way to do this in Celonis?

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If you are on the IBC or CPM4.6, you can do the following:

  • Create a new (empty) Variable named CONFORMANCE
  • In the Conformance tab, write the conformance query to the variable you created:
  • Now you can use the conformance result in an OLAP table component. So you could create an OLAP table component and add the following dimensions:
  1. CASE WHEN PU_SUM ( “Cases”, ABS ( <%=CONFORMANCE%> ) ) != 0 THEN ‘Does not conform’ ELSE ‘conforms’ END
  2. COUNT_TABLE(“Cases”)

What you get is a table with two rows - one shows the number of cases that are conforming, the other one shows the number of cases which are not conforming. By clicking on the corresponding item you can select on it. You can also use the condition inside a FILTER statement, for example in the component filter of a process explorer, such that it only shows conforming or non-conforming cases.


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Thank you for your response! That’s very interesting.

However, I wanted to ask: is CPM4.6 out already? When we log into the SAP Marketplace, we only see 4.5 SP2 version to download (which is what we have installed at the moment).

Hi Filip,

unfortunately I cannot give a detailled answer on that question, but I see that you already opened a separate topic for this.