Filter by formula for manual tasks with specific users and activities


I have my automation KPI:

AVG(CASE WHEN PU_COUNT(“AR_Cases_csv”, “AR_Activities_csv”.“USER”,“AR_Activities_csv”.“USER” IN (<%= AutoUsers %>) AND
“AR_Activities_csv”.“TASK NAME” IN (<%= AutoTypes %>)) =
PU_COUNT(“AR_Cases_csv”, “AR_Activities_csv”.“TASK NAME”, “AR_Activities_csv”.“TASK NAME” IN (<%= AutoTypes %>)) THEN 1.0 ELSE 0.0 END)

That’s basically considering specific activities carried out by automation users. Now I would like to filter the process where these activities are not carried out by the automation users. Basically I need the negation of this formula, converted as a component filter. How can I do that given that component filter does not like aggregation function?

Hi sgizm,

for negating, do you want to filter on the cases where none of those activities are executed by an automation user, or where at least one activity is not executed by an automation user?

As you want to filter on a “Process” level (=Cases), simply put the condition of the CASE WHEN into your FILTER statement: