File connection not found

Hi team,

I am trying to upload a “.csv” file in to the Celonis Frontend datamodel. but everytime i do that press on reload, im getting a “File connection not found” error. I searched the community and i cannot seem to find a reason for this.
Any suggestion would be helpful.
Thank you.

Hey @rahulbhat,

welcome to the Community and thanks for reaching out!

I need more details to further investigate your problem:

Can you specify which version of Celonis you are using?
The upload of your csv. file works fine?
Can you please send a screenshot of the error?

In general, please be aware that the file upload limit is 1 GB per file.

Best regards,

Your Celonis Data Science Team

Thank you for the reply.
I am currently using Celonis 4.5
The upload of .csv file works fine. After uploading , it gives an error of
“File Connection not found” with one entry for .csv file.

Hey @rahulbhat,

thanks for sharing the information. Unfortunately, we still can’t give you a clear answer on why this is not working correctly.

As a workaround, I’d like you to create a new data model and try to upload the .csv there.

Otherwise, please open a ticket at our service desk - our employees will take care of your question with best knowledge. You can create a ticket via or e-mail to


Your Celonis Data Science Team

Hi @datascience,

Il create a ticket for this. Thank you.