Feature of the week series #9 – Create Action Engine Skill from analysis


Dear Celonis Community!

Last week, we introduced the IBC Contextual Help Center which provides great support in getting precisely the information you need.

This week, we want to share with you an extremely valuable functionality to operationalize your findings: Set up a new Action Engine Skill within one minute by creating it out of your current Celonis analysis.

Create Action Engine Skill from Celonis analysis

You have just derived an interesting finding in your process and want to take action for current and future incidents? Just click on a table in your analysis and hit the “Create new Skill” button. As a result, a new Action Engine Skill is created, consisting precisely of the table columns, filters, and selections you have applied. Action Engine automatically looks out for that pattern in the future, notifies you and your business users if new incidents appear, and lets you take action right away.

Check it out in the following video:

Major value adds for you:

  • Save massive time and efforts
  • Set up complex use cases in a very straightforward, process-oriented way
  • Automize continuous analysis of your process
  • Actively engage your business users by automatically forwarding incidents to them
  • Connect your Skills with manifold actions in the operational systems to directly realize value

What do you think?