Feature of the week series #8 - IBC Contextual Help Center


Dear Celonis Community!

Every week, we present you handy features like the worldmap or factory calendar .

This week’s feature is the Contextual Help Center which brought our documentation to the next level. Available only in the Intelligent Business Cloud.

The Help Center helps you to solve your challenges right when and where you face them.

Top 3 features are:

  • Contextually suggested help articles
  • Direct search of the complete Help Space
  • Possibility to add a customized link

For now, the Help Center is only available from outside an Analysis.

Contextually suggested help articles

In the example below you can see that if you are within a Transformation (inside a Data Job in the Event Collection), the Help Center will direct you to the Help Page about Transformations as well as directly suggesting information about the Vertica SQL and other, related pages.

Direct search of the complete Help Space

Once you start typing in the search bar, all titles, text, tags and attachments of the Help Space are searched and the enclosing titles are displayed. For a more detailed search including previews, you can click “Show more results for …”.

Possibility to add a customized link

Another handy feature is the custom help link. If you are a team admin, you can customize a fourth item that will be visible for all IBC team members. You could use this button for example to link to your company internal info page for your Celonis project.

Please don’t hesitate to give us feedback concerning any topic: The help, the features of the cloud or even our support. You can reach our Feedback Form via, you guessed it, the Help Center!

You might still find some smaller pages that are under construction but we work hard to deliver a helpful experience for every capability.

Have a great week!


Your Product Management Team

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