Feature of the week series #7 - Worldmap


Dear Celonis Community!

In this series, we present you every week handy features like sharing selections or factory calendar .

This week’s feature is the new and often requested Worldmap , available in the IBC and Celonis Process Mining 4.5.

The worldmap component allows users to add geo location information to the process analyses.
You can either use country codes (ISO2 or ISO3) or geo coordinates (latitude, longitude) to visualize any Process KPI on a map.
For instance, you can create an overview on your local on time delivery rates or the influence of your suppliers origin on the production quality or order delays.

What are use cases for the world map component?

  • Explore data points near to the company
    Which vendors are close by and have a good on-time delivery rate?

  • Compare regional differences
    How does the automation rate compare between Asian and European plants?
    Do northern European vendors deliver faster than mediterranean vendors?
    How does our on-time delivery differ between Bavaria and Berlin?

  • Discover insights from local context information
    Vendors in rural areas seem to have better TPT than those in urban areas.
    Lots of development job applicants come from close by? Is there a common university in the area that they all went to?
    Vendors located close to a highway have better on-time delivery rates?

  • Discover insights from local distribution
    We have bad on-time delivery where we don’t have any subsidiaries/stores in the area.

Here is an tutorial how to set up the world map component in order to answer all your questions:

Did you identify other use cases for the worlmap component? Leave a comment!

Happy Process Mining!
Your Celonis Product Team

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Dear Michael,

Thanks for your information. This is a nice start!
When you look in many BI Application you will see that many informations are visualized using geographical information by for example:

  • High a low values of Automation level of plants / companpy codes by “bubble sizes” Depending on your “Filter”. Using your Filter / dropdown you would like to see this even on activity level (e.g. Create Sales Order" or other attributes.

  • Materials flows using thickness of arrows. Where is our raw material coming from, how much do we return again. How is the flow between the factorieries and warehouses and our sales units. You can splt the arrows even in Product hierachy / Produkt groups with arrows). Any many more depending on the need. Of course for the materialflow you will stumble into the topic Unit of Measure Or you just take the amount of activities it self.

  • Look in your school geograhical book and you will find tons of nice representations…

Have :grinning: !