Feature of the week series #6 - Factory Calendar


Dear Celonis Community!

In this series, we present you every week handy features like sharing selections or clustering variants.

This week’s feature is the new and often requested Factory Calendar, available in the IBC and Celonis Process Mining 4.5.

The Factory Calendar is a table where you log real work hours. You can now use this table to calculate net throughput times, so only the time between two activities that you actively worked. In this demo, we show you how you can set it all up:

Here you can click through the Analysis to compare the KPIs. The used Eventlog looks like this:


And this is how the Factory Calendar looks like:


To set up the Factory Calendar, you can just upload (for example via File Upload) and add it to your Data Model in the above format. You don’t need to link it to other existing tables in your Data Model. Here you can see how easy it is to setup the Factory Calendar in the IBC:

Happy Process Mining!
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Dear m.kohl,

Thanks for sharing this information.
I have a question concerning factory calender. In case you have factories in more then one country for example US and China or elsewhere in Europe, we have in SAP different factory calenders for each country. Is such a setup possible (the factory itself is present in the dataset)?

Have fun!


Dear Hans,

Yes, you can work with multiple Factory Calendars. You can either just upload multiple calendars and reference them individually in your PQL statement. Or you can merge your Factory Calendars into one table, with an additional column as factory identifier (e.g. „US_1“, „EU_1“, …). This identifier can then be referenced as filter condition in the below statement:

FACTORY_CALENDAR ( table.start_date_column, table.end_date_column [, filter_condition ] )

In your case the filter condition would look like this: calendar.factoryID = ‘EU_1’

Kind regards,

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