Feature of the week series #5 - Share Selections


Dear Celonis Community!

Last week, we showed you the Action Engine and how to handle several Signals at once using Bulk Actions.

This week, we want to show you a convenient feature to communicate and share your insights.
Using the “Share Selections” Button in the top right corner of your Analysis, you can easily send a link to your colleagues to check out the insights you generated. An easy way to jumpstart a discussion!
Check out the following video which demonstrates the feature:

The feature is live on the Intelligent Business Cloud and will be in Celonis 4.5.

What do you think?
We are happy to hear your feedback about this feature or other small handy tricks that would allow you to work with your Celonis Analysis even more efficiently!

Your Celonis Product Team

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This is really nice and we cannot wait to go onto 4.5!


Thanks Nicolas,

Nicely done. This is similar to the Microsoft functionalities which are heavily used.
There is only one disadvantance ( as I see it). You will need to track all the copied links somewhere to kep track of what you have shared.
For me it would have been nice if your standard sharing functionality would have been expanded to the option of sharing it to certain users. At the moment when you share a Filter everybody sees it. This becomes a real mess when 20 Users or more start using this functions.
Then I would now which filter I shared to whom. within the application.
Fo me this the ideal situation.

Have fun!


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