Feature of the week series #4 - Bulk Actions in the Action Engine


Dear Celonis Community!

Last week, we showed you how you can Undo/Redo/Reset Selections in your Analyses.

This week, we want to introduce a convenient feature of the Celonis Action Engine. The Action Engine is part of our Intelligent Business Cloud and helps you operationalize your insights. If you haven’t heard of the Action Engine yet, here is a link to a quick introduction.

Bulk Actions for Signals
As business user, you can efficiently handle several Signals at once, e.g. assign them to another user or mark them as in progress.

Check it out in the following video:

Are you interested in learning more about the Action Engine? Approach your Account Executive or attend one of our specific webinars:
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Your Celonis Product Team

Feature of the week series #5 - Share Selections

Dear Celonis Team,

Thanks for sharing your new idea.
This Use case for me does not belong into Celonis at all. It is a typical template path step you easily followup in SAP. All the work needs to be done in SAP anyway, why start in Celonis?
I think you should concentrate on process steps you would not see at all in SAPstandard and like to be informed immedialtely.
Usecase P2P: Epic “Compliance” The activity: “Price Change” appears after the activity “Invoice recieved”.
And of course I would setup a “push /active- Reporting” to the BPO for all Process Performance Indications going into the wrong direction (above certain limits).

Maybe others have some ideas as well…

Have fun!



Dear Hans,

thank you very much for the reply!

To introduce the feature, we chose a basic and self-explanatory use case for the underlying signals.

Of course, we are very happy to hear about further use case ideas. Compliance is a great example!

Best regards,