Feature of the week series #22 – Insightful Monitoring of your process improvement and transformation initiatives using Transformation Center

Dear Celonis Community,

In the previous blog post of our Feature of the week series, Lara has demonstrated how easy it is to connect ServiceNow to your Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud.

This week, we will focus on another exciting feature that many customers have been requesting: our fully redesigned and enhanced reporting emails from Transformation Center.

Leverage IBC Transformation Center to monitor the progress of your process improvement and business transformation initiatives

Transformation Center helps you monitor the performance of all your processes in one central place. It provides you with an overview of your objectives and KPI development. If you want to learn more about the OKR based approach of Transformation, have a look at Nico’s Work with OKRs in Transformation Center to transform your company post. Transformation Center is designed to measure the success of your process improvement and transformation initiatives. If you are interested in monitoring the progress of your initiatives, the first step is to define your Objectives (i.e. initiatives) and its associated KPIs (i.e. key results).

Compare the progress of your transformation initiatives across countries, departments or any other attribute using KPI Splits

For certain KPIs, it is very helpful to segment them according to a certain criterion such as country or department. For instance, you might be interested to see how your initiative to increase the automation rate for a certain process is progressing in different countries.

To allow such deep dives and comparisons, Transformation Center provides a feature that we call KPI Split. Once set up, KPI Splits allow you to track a KPI for different segments such as location, department or category.

Once you have defined the KPIs you are interested in, you can monitor them in the Transformation Center. In addition, you can set up regular e-mail reports which keep you up to date on your objectives and KPIs.

Track the progress towards your Objectives and the development of your KPIs with regular and structured email reports

To get regular email updates about the progress of your initiatives, you can easily subscribe to the respective Objective in Transformation Center.

You will receive periodic email reports on the progress of your Objectives. Each email report lists all the KPIs for the Objectives you subscribed to. For each KPI, the current value, the previous value as well as the absolute and relative change are reported. Colors indicate whether the KPI is developing in the desired direction: green represents a positive development and red represents a negative development. The color coding helps you to quickly identify problems with respect to your transformation initiative and react accordingly. If you have defined a KPI Split, the KPI segments with the most profound change are shown as well.

As a first step, you could dig deeper by clicking on the KPI of interest. This will lead you to the respective KPI details page in Transformation Center. The KPI details page provides you with a chart which displays the KPI development over time and other development metrics.

Try out Transformation Center now and let us know how it works for you!

We are excited to learn more about how our customers leverage Transformation Center to drive their business transformation.

Happy transforming!

Your Celonis Product Team

For questions and feedback related to Transformation Center do not hesitate to get in touch.