Feature of the week series #18 - Extract data from Salesforce


Dear Celonis Community,

This week, I would like to explain how to connect to a Salesforce system and extract data from it.

Salesforce covers processes in Lead, Opportunity and Account Management and more.

This popular CRM system and the Intelligent Business Cloud are a great match since they are both cloud systems and extracting data works without any infrastructure on your side.

Data Connection Setup

Setting up a Salesforce connection is very easy. Simply log in with a Salesforce user, having the right permission (for details on permissions see https://help.celonis.cloud/display/CIBC/Salesforce).

This video shows you how this is done:


When the data connection is set up, you can create a new Data Job with an extraction. You specify your desired time frame and what table you would like to extract. After the extraction is complete, the extracted tables can be used to create the event log or they can function as a table in the Data Model.


Ready-to-use extractions, transformations, Data Models and Apps are available in the App Store for Salesforce processes. This allows you to get started right away with a standard setup. If you see the need to adapt any part of the data pipeline, you can modify it in any way needed.

We hope you found this interesting. Happy Extracting!

Your Celonis Product team