Feature of the week series #16 - Invert Selections


Dear Celonis Community!

Last week, we introduced you the User Research Lab you can participate in product surveys, give usability feedback, talk to our design team, participate in user studies, or, if suitable, co-innovate together with our product management on your specific use cases. If you want participate sign up here: https://www.celonis.com/userresearch

This week, we want to show how to Invert Selections in your analysis in order to generate insights more easier and faster.

The invert functionality is embedded in different components like OLAP table, Charts (Column, Line, etc.) or the histogram and can also be utilised in component, sheet or analysis filter.
When applying invert selection you can select one item you want to exclude so that everything but the one value is selected. This is also possible for multiple items in one selection.
If you have copied values to the clipboard and want to exclude them, there is already a topic in the Community where this was introduced. Click here

See Invert Selection in action and where it can be used

If you have any thoughts, ideas, questions or use cases on inverting selections feel to reach out.

Happy Mining!