Feature of the week series #14 – Getting started journeys


Dear Celonis Community!

Last week, we showed you how the Audit logs can help you manage your IBC team.

This week, we want to introduce the Getting Started Journeys in our help section which accelerate your personal on-boarding on the Intelligent Business Cloud.

What can you find in the Getting Started Journeys?

We introduced a new section in the help space of the IBC. Here you can find step by step tutorials on the most frequent journeys when ramping up the IBC in your organization. We started with Getting started Journeys on:

  • How to analyze a process from your local file
  • How to explore your Process Data
  • How to connect a SAP System
  • How to install an App Store Analysis
  • How to invite your colleagues to the IBC team
  • How to integrate a user management system to your IBC team

We created a short tutorial for all of them which include videos, step by step descriptions and references to the detailed documentation.

Check it out in the following video:


Feature of the week series #15 - User Research @Celonis